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About Us


Growing up in a very rural area near Birmingham in the UK, not too far from where J.R.R. Tolkien grew up and drew inspiration for the shire, I was never really exposed to the inordinate mass of waste that we humans can create. I would obliviously consume and dispose, always recycling wherever possible as this was ingrained in me from an early age. I am now aware that recycling is by no stretch a solution to this problem as over two thirds of UK household recycled waste is exported to developing countries like Indonesia to incinerate or dump into the ocean.

It was only when I moved to London to pursue a high-end professional career that would gratify my perception of "wealth" and "success", that I became aware of the absolutely insane plastic pollution problem! I would walk past piles and piles of it in the corners of the street, never diminishing each week I passed. I remember standing at the bank of the Thames, watching the water and every 5 seconds a piece of plastic trash would float by, bottles, toothbrushes, plastic bags….

Thus, Rejuvenatur was born!

I Founded Rejuvenatur at the start of 2019 in Brixton, London. Rejuvenatur started off as a passion project on the side of my career as a tech salesman in central London. I have now removed myself from the rat race and decided to pursue rejuvenating this beautiful blue planet we live on full-time.

Still based in South London, we partner with a small, family-run sustainable bamboo farm in the heart of Vietnam to bring you our eco-friendly, bamboo products

Buy One Get One Tree!

For every order that is placed, we donate $1 to our partners One Tree Planted.

Thanks to lovely people like you, we have planted nearly 700 trees in the areas of the world where they are needed most, including replenishing essential species in the Amazon Rainforest and Australia after their horrific fires in 2019. Check out our progress HERE

We also donate $1 for every 100 followers that we get on Instagram, so give us a follow - @Rejuvenatur


Almost all online retailers nowadays dropship products, however this is not an eco-friendly business model.

I have done months of research and communicated with hundreds of suppliers to finally find a partner that mirrors our own core values of sustainability. We have developed a strong relationship with a small, family-run, sustainable and ethical bamboo farm in the heart of Vietnam, just south of Hanoi.

Our bamboo products are manufactured in Vietnam, whilst our metal razors and glass toothpaste jars are manufactured in China. Our toothpaste tablets and silicone Eco Lids are manufactured in Germany. All of our products are transported in bulk by rail to the UK. Rail travel is the most environmentally friendly form of transporting goods, emitting by far the least amount of CO2 compared to ocean and air travel. It does however, take the longest. Therefore, at busy times of the year certain

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Once our products arrive at our warehouse in London... (my garage) then I personally package all of the goods in our minimalist, 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging. Once you place an order, I will then fulfil the orders myself, using the Royal Mail to deliver our products, a company committed to sustainability, they have even reduced their overall carbon emissions by 29% since 2004 and have many electric vehicles on the road.

We will be regularly releasing new products so keep your eyes peeled!

our mission

The Rejuvenatur Mission

To save the world of course!

Millions and millions of innocent animals die every year from the plague of plastic pollution we have released upon them.

We are an independent, London based business. committed to eliminating the world's plastic pollution problem.

Our Short Term Goal:

We want to convert as many people as possible from using toxic, single-use plastic, to our sustainable and healthy, eco-friendly options. To do this, we work extremely hard to bring our customers, ethically-sourced, plastic-free, high-quality products, at an affordable price.

We plant a tree for every order that is placed and thanks to lovely people like you, we have planted nearly 700 trees in areas of the world they are needed most!

Our Long Term Goal:

To make our businesses practices as sustainable as we possibly can. This involves finding manufacturers and distribution centres in every corner of the world, so that if someone places an order in Australia and another places an order from Canada, our products do not travel to them from the same place, they have the least distance possible to travel, reducing our Co2 emissions further.

We have ambitious goals to get over 10,000 trees planted in the next 2 years and over 100,000 planted in the next 5 years.

This next one is a long way off yet, but we want to be able to control the entire supply chain, from manufacturing, to distribution, to ensure that all of our business operations are as sustainable as they can be. We would really appreciate your support in our endeavour to make our one home a more beautiful place to live.